Solving extreme geomechanics problems
involving fracture & large deformations

Large deformation & post-failure

Xtreme simulations

GeoXPM is the first fully functional, mesh-free, continuum-based computing software capable of solving complex geoengineering, geomechanics & geophysics problems involving fracture and large deformation behaviours of geomaterials.

Flexible CAD-defined 3D/2D Geometry.

Draw geometry easily.

The User Interface (UI) of GeoXPM is built on top of the famous platform FreeCAD, which gives you incredible freedom in designing complex objects and geometry.

Stages constructions

Meet geotechnical design & construction requirements

Releastic geotechnical projects require multi-stage constructions. GeoXPM offers this unique capability to deal with multi-stage construction processes.

Digital elevation model (DEM)

Easily import real-world data.

GeoXPM allows digital elevation models to be imported directly as geometry. 

Advanced material models

For advanced analysis

GeoXPM offers a diverse selection of constitutive models, including the ability for users to create their own custom models (i.e., user-defined model), to address a wide range of simulation scenarios and requirements.

Data visualisation & data mining

Cause data representation is important.

GeoXPM is integrated with Paraview, making it user-friendly and enableing quick on-the-go data visualisation.

Soil-Structure Interaction

For real world structures

The Soil-Structure Interaction feature in the GeoXPM software allows for modeling and analysis of the intricate dynamic behavior of structures interacting with the surrounding soil. This capability enhances design optimization and resilience in various loading conditions.

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